Words of Kindness – Yan

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Words of kindness – compliments for CPC Worldwide


“Nikki, I wanted to say thanks for all your hard work and continued support in getting us all this far. We seem to always thank Chris but never mention your role at all. Speak soon. Yan”






Words of Kindness – Neil

I would like to take opportunity  to thank the group for the commitment  and support we have given each other over the past difficult year. With finances hitting hard at xmas its important to take this time to focus on the positives and what we have achieved. Thanks to Chris and Nikki and each other for staying strong and focused and remember our goal is in sight i’m sure of it.


Words of Kindness – Anon

Edits in *bold* to protect case and clients.


Dear all


I moved out of my house on Friday and currently got my life in storage while I prepare for a new life in *county name*.  I lost my home as a direct result of *company name* not paying my interest payments, and I also lost my business as I ran a *business type* from my home.


I spent nearly 30 years stripping wood and cultivating a beautiful home and garden for my clients and pupils.  It was a haven.  I’m single, I have no children (not through choice) and my home and business was my life.  I risked my equity with *company name* as I had an interest only mortgage that had rocketed sky high because I had some bad builders take me to the cleaners about 10 years ago.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to make the capital repayment on retirement and this investment would provide me with a solution.


The reality of not living in my own home and the difficulties of living in other people’s houses is slowly dawning on me that the future looks bleak.  After nearly one year I still feel unable to talk publicly not even to my friends or family about what happened to me because I still feel so incredibly stupid and I’m too proud to tell people that I took such a crazy risk.  I told people (even the family) that I would give up my life to care for my mum.  As it happens that is a good thing, so I guess nothing is all bad.  I have let my house so it’s not over yet, but the reality is I doubt I can ever go back again and I’m heartbroken.


I’m sharing this with this group, in confidence, not to burden you all, because I know each and every person on this email list is here because you too are suffering hardship, but I share it as a reminder as to why we are here, and what we are fighting for, and the importance of sticking together through thick and thin as we fight for our lives against the greed and evil of this family.  It is clear by their actions against us, they have no compassion, care or comprehension as to the effect their actions have had on others.


In spite of all the difficulties of coming this far, I still feel confident that I’m in the right place and that this is the best chance of recovery we are likely to get.  I have a feeling that *alternative solution* is not going to be the magic wand people are hoping for but I hope it’s a motivating enough force for *the company directors* to make an early settlement.



My business was my life, my clients were like my family, the community I was an integral part of.  I am bereft and lost at the moment and I’ve cried a lot. This court case for me is a tiny glimmer of hope for the future and thank you *case lawyer* and Nikki for all you have done bringing things this far.   I sincerely hope the universe gets behind *the company directors*, and he gets what’s coming, but more importantly, I look forward to a glorious victory and my life back in London again one day.


I hope you don’t mind me sharing this but I felt it was relevant, because at the end of every contract is a real live human being suffering hardship and heartache, and I hope for all the investors there are happier days ahead.



Words of Kindness – Nigel

Hi Nikki

All went to plan as we hoped on Tuesday big thanks to you and CPC team and Tomas and his team.
Just to follow up on the phone call Monday of the good news that I had paid the 7% tax on the house as agreed by the receivers.
So can we do final account on that I take it you will settle Tomas account and look forward to receiving the balance.

speak to you soon
many thanks

CPC Worldwide Ltd

Words of Kindness – John and Helen

We would like to thank Nikki and all her team in the UK and Spain in finalising the completion of our now, Clean Title Deeds after a long stressfull fight with the builder of our house in Spain. Thanks again for all your work as we continue to bring justice to all those who put us in this position in the first place

John and Helen

Words of Kindness – What really matters

We have a lot of people come through our doors and sometimes it’s hard to hear how much a scam, scandal or investment scheme has turned their life upside down.

We do always try our best, and most of the time it even works out!

We thought we’d use this blog to give you an insight into some of our customers journeys.

As comments get added we will add them as links below.

I hope that you find it useful to hear some comments direct from the horses mouth as it were.

If anyone wants to speak to us about the cases listed below, you’re more than welcome to use the contact form at the bottom.


CPC Worldwide are specialists when it comes to dealing with Legal issues around the world. We work closely with Lawyers in the UK and abroad. We have helped many people escape issues such as the land-grab law, off-plan property purchasing, fraud, title deed issues, misappropriation and more.

We also have specific wordpress accounts for some of our cases. We try to update as often as possible, but if you have any questions please let us know.



Tecnologia Urbanistica

22 Jun 2012 17:31 by Keith110 Star rating in the UK and I am lead…. 581 posts Send private message


Great article and Fantastic result for all concerned!!

Well done to CPC Holdings and Aguera y Arrebola.

Aroca Seiquer – surely not the Lawyers still trading in Torrevieja??  Is this the same firm who claim on their website:

“Every client using AROCA SEIQUER & ASOCIADOS’ services is 
certain that theirs is our cause and that we will be unstinting in 
our efforts to ensure a satisfactory result.
One of the most relevant activities in this firm is the 
comprehensive expert advice we offer on Foreign Investments in 
Spain, and particularly in the Costa Blanca.
But it is undoubtedly our wide offer of legal services that 
allows us to attend with all guarantees to any legal contingency 
that our clients may be faced with”.

Unstinting efforts for a satisfactory result, expert advice on Foreign Investments on the Costa Blanca, all guarantees to any legal contingency – REALLY????

If this is the same firm then what do they have to say about the mess they left their Tecnologia clients in?  Surely somebody must report them to the Bar Association.

Kind regards