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If you have lost your money investing with Ready2invest, CPC Worldwide can help you.

CPC WORLDWIDE LTD, a division of CPC Holding Group registered at company house in Cardiff under number 7697014.

CPC Legal, one of our main areas of expertise offers a range of services to clients in difficulty abroad.

It’s our job to solve problems abroad and there are a lot of members on here that we can help.

If you have invested your money with Ready2Invest in developments such as Los Cerros de Turre in Morocco, or anywhere else, and you have lost your money, we can help you recover it.

CPC Worldwide Ltd is bringing a civil fraud claim in the U.K Courts against the directors of Ready2Invest.

If anyone wants to ring us you’re more than welcome to just have a chat because I can imagine a lot of people are really upset. 0191 386 2487.


I truly hope we can help some of you.

The CPC Worldwide Team