Fake Lawyers

We have recently received few phone calls from people that have been defrauded by fake Legal Companies based in Spain.

In some of these schemes, the victim receive a cold call from the lawyers that promise to solve the problem with their investments and then coerced to pay an upfront fee or other costs. The fake Company then disappears with the money of the victims and reappears after a while with a different name.

If you are a victim and/or you know other people in the same situation, please contact us.

We will assess your situation free of charge and we will give you an honest advise if there is any chance to get your money back.


The CPC Team


Title deed insurance

We are proud to offer you an amazing insurance product that protects the Title Deed for your property in Spain.

We are the only company in UK that offers this amazing product with CASER (The Insurer of Spanish Saving Banks).

The cost of the insurance is only 293,93Euro per property (one time fee).

It insures your purchase title deed of your residential property for twenty years, covering problems such as Title defects, forged title documents, surface discrepancies, fraud or legal incapacity of Seller, boundary dispute, Purchase transaction declared null retroactively, pre-existing unrevealed encumbrances, Land Registry errors, existing Rights of third Parties on the property and many others.

This unique Product is a must for any Spanish Property Purchaser and is available exclusively in the UK from CPC Worldwide Ltd.

(Full written details on request)

MRI property problems

Anybody who has invested money in this project and has lost their faith after the decision of the Judge Beatriz Fernandez, who decided to drop the case due to a lack of jurisdiction, is welcome to contact us as it is possible to bring the case in the UK and finally take to court Darragh MacAnthony.
For anybody who may be affected by this please contact CPC for further information.
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The CPC Team