FOS warns ‘fake Ombudsman’

The financial Ombudsman (FOS) has warned the public that fraudsters have been targeting consumers under its name to get them to reveal their personal information. (Name, address, card details etc.)

In a note on the FOS website, they stated that they are aware that consumers had been cold-called and received emails by the scammers, who had used its name, in a bid to persuade them to reveal their personal details and financial circumstances.

The service also warned of ‘number spoofers’ – fraudsters using technology to make it took like an Ombudsman number was calling.

The FOS have reminded consumers that they would never email or phone people out of the blue to ask for personal details or financial circumstances. They would only contact people if they have already been in touch to register a complaint.

Just to make you aware, the Ombudsman is a free service. They would never ask you for money and they don’t pay you compensation directly. If the Ombudsman have investigated your complaint and upheld it, they may tell the business that you are unhappy with to pay you compensation – but the money won’t be paid out by the Ombudsman.

The Financial Ombudsman asks people who think they have been contacted by scammers to phone it directly on 0300 123 9 123.

You can also get in touch with the national fraud and Internet crime-reporting center Action Fraud.

Consumers can protect themselves from fraud by never revealing any personal or financial details unless they are absolutely sure the person is who they say they are.


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